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Holiday Home Security

By November 14, 2018Personal Insurance
Editable vector illustration of a thief taking the opportunity to burglar as a family goes on vacation

Wait until you’re back to share your trip on social media.

Millions of Americans will hit the road for the holidays, leaving homes empty for days or weeks at a time. While home security systems have become more affordable in recent years, the average cost of a system still hovers around $700, according to HomeAdvisor.

Following are a few free tips from AAA to protect your empty home from thieves and vandals:

 Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway.

 Wait until you’re back to share your trip on social media.

 Add additional bracing, such as a dowel, to sliding doors and windows.

 Set a timer to vary the hours when lights, TV and/or radio turn on and off.

 Put a hold on delivery of your mail and newspaper or have someone you trust collect it.

If you can afford it, AAA also recommends installing an indoor security camera and using smart technology to monitor your home.

Before you travel, you might also want to review your insurance policy to make sure your coverage reflects the value of your home, its contents and your outdoor buildings and their contents.