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Getting Married? Have You Had “The Talk”?

a pair of gold wedding rings with bokeh background

The money talk, that is. Despite financial considerations long being established as a key cause of marital discord, far too many fail to have this important premarital conversation. Noted financial counselor Carrie Schwab-Pomeranz suggests discussing at least the following key areas:

What do you own?

What do you owe?

Are you a spender or a saver?

What are your spending priorities? For example, would you rather have a house, a new car or a vacation?

If you can’t afford to pay cash, do you wait or grab the credit card?

Do you always pay bills on time?

Are you able to consistently save, or do you run out of money before running out of days in the month?

Money: yours, mine, ours or all three?

Have you started retirement savings?

How do you define “rich”?

We love to help new couples plan for their financial future. After you give each other a ring, give us one too, and we’ll help you get everything straight from the start.