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Checking Driver Records

the fair credit reporting act fcra written on a page.

Checking the Motor Vehicle Records (MVR’s) of your employees and prospective employees is one of the best things you can do to control auto claims. And you know that keeping your claims low helps keep your insurance costs low.

We want to help you make good hiring decisions.  Based on years of working with employers, we have found that when the employer can see the details of the MVR, better decisions can be made.  In today’s world, there are really only two ways that you can (legally) see that other person’s record:

  • That person can get the MVR and give it to you; or,
  • You can obtain the MVR yourself for review.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) and similar regulations have imposed greater responsibilities on employers and others regarding information about individuals. We want to make sure that we are “compliant” with the rules and to help you be “compliant” as well.

Our clients have found that they can obtain an up-to-date, readable driving record using one of several different sources.  We can show you how to get set up with one of them, or a service of your choice, so you can make good decisions about your drivers.

Please contact us for details.  Our job is to help you have the safest workplace possible.