Yes, you have unemployment insurance.  “Unemployment Insurance” is not really insurance as I think of it.  It is a joint state and federal governments program that is included in your payroll taxes.  We have included the website for filing for NC benefits.  I believe this is something the employee does, and you can do it online.

If you want to do something as an employer, you can/will be able to file for a small business loan with the SBA for the payroll for each employee and the SBA forgives the first 6 weeks or maybe the first 8 weeks of the loan.  This is a brand-new program and may not be posted yet.  It may be modified as the laws are rapidly being changed to allow a flow of money to workers that are suddenly without a paycheck.

Here is the federal website for Unemployment Insurance in case the State of NC does not have sufficient information (but I am pretty sure the State of NC Dept. of Labor will have everything you need.

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