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Premier pollution coverage for many types of businesses.

Pollution Liability Insurance is more common than you think, yet most insurance policies exclude pollution.

Pollution Liability: More Common than You Think

The risk of a pollution claim is more common that you think, especially if your business deals with chemicals or performs remediation work. Most General Liability policies exclude pollution, which means you could be held liable for cleaning up a contamination incident or the medical bills from someone who becomes ill while exposed to a contaminant on your property that is deemed to be a pollutant.

A pollution incident can occur from contamination that penetrates the ground, water, or the air, which means that you could still be held liable if the incident doesn’t occur on your property but is deemed to have initiated from your property, your equipment, or the actions of your employees.

Many pollution claims can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and can literally bankrupt a business.

If any of the instances below apply to you, talk to us about pollution coverage options for your business:

  • Does your business use chemicals like paints or solvents? Businesses like manufacturers, body shops, dry cleaners, and commercial printers fall in this category.
  • Does your business utilize heavy equipment that could leak contaminants? Commercial trucking, the rail industry, excavators, and contractors fall into this category.
  • Do you haul materials that could contain hazardous materials? Septic contractors, recyclers, and the rail industry are just a few examples.
  • Does your business perform remediation work, like fire/water restoration? You could be named in a suit for subsequent contamination, even if it didn’t stem from your work.
  • Was your building purchased on a site that was previously used for commercial industry? It could contain prior contamination without your knowledge that could rear its ugly head in the future

Unfortunately, businesses that don’t fit any of the above can still be subject to pollution remediation. For example, a building could harbor mold after a rain leak. If the mold makes an occupant or visitor sick, you could be held liable for their medical bills.

Thankfully, [AGENCY NAME] has the power of Keystone on our side. As a Keystone partner, we have access to premier pollution coverage for many types of businesses – and it may not cost as much as you think. Talk to us about your options today!