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Protect your business from cyber crime.

Cyber attacks are becoming one of the most aggressive and expensive issues facing businesses today.

Data breaches don’t just target credit card information or social security numbers. If your business stores ANY form of data, you are at risk for a data breach.

What’s worse is the cost of mitigating a breach once it occurs. Think about the struggle it would take to report the breach to customers, rebuild your networks and replace lost data; not to mention having to rebuild your reputation with your customers. Your business may need to close after a breach, losing precious time and resources.

The latest statistics show that the cost to replace a client “record” after a data breach is over $200 each! How can you afford not to be protected?

Consider the risks below. If you answer “Yes” to any of them, you have a Cyber Risk!

  • Does your business collect and/or store information such as social security numbers, name/address/phone, medical records, payroll, etc?
  • Do third party vendors have access to any of the data listed above?
  • Do you have a website, social media site, or mobile device users?
  • Do you store electronic data on servers on in the cloud?
  • Do you develop original content like newsletters that would be sent to your customers in print format?
  • Do you generate revenue from online sales or process credit card transactions?
  • Does your office have a wireless network?

That’s why we recommend Cyber Risk protection. For an economical price, you get the peace of mind you need that someone will be there to help you when disaster strikes.