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Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Time: 10:30 am – noon

Place: Zoom – meeting link will be emailed once registered

Please join us for a panel discussion with HR consultant Janice Lane and Fit for Duty expert Debra Lord. We will cover the most common questions and concerns that employers are facing as many offices and retail spaces begin opening their doors to their staff and the public.

Topics will include:

New Company Policies and Guidelines – Masks or no masks, Personal space and social distance how to police enforce the rules

Testing in the Workplace – What is allowed? What is available? What if a positive is detected? What if an employee refuses a test?

Voluntary vs. Mandatory Return – Different demands in different industries. Essential vs. non-essential work. How to address employees that  refuse to return to work?

Concern for Regulating Agencies – How to document compliance with State and Federal regulations and guidelines

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