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Protection Against Large Financial Claims

By February 26, 2018Personal Insurance
rain drops falling from a black umbrella concept for bad weather, winter or protection

A personal lines umbrella policy creates an extra layer of protection for you against very large
claims when you may be financially liable for a loss or injury to someone else. A personal
umbrella policy doesn’t cover everything, so it’s important to clarify with us what triggers your

An umbrella is designed to complement a homeowners, auto and other personal lines insurance
program by extending additional coverage over and beyond the limits purchased. Umbrellas
aren’t meant to be a catch-all for anything that could possibly happen and often provide more
money only for losses that are covered by another policy (often called the “underlying” policy).
Thus, if a loss isn’t covered by the underlying policy, it might not have additional coverage under
the umbrella either.

Umbrella policies can protect against running out of coverage under another policy. These claims
typically arise from bodily injury or property damage to another party for which you are found
legally liable. Defense costs associated with a lawsuit brought against you may also be covered.

Protection of assets is the most important benefit of adding an umbrella policy to your existing
personal insurance program. Factors like the rising cost of medical expenses and lost wages of
an injured party can add up very quickly. When the limits under the home or auto policy are
exhausted, defense coverage may cease, and personal assets would have to be used to pay
these uncovered costs. An umbrella policy is an important element in an overall asset-protection